Turning Market Research Into Actionable

Understanding what drives consumer purchasing behavior is critical to the success of every retail organization. From restaurants to manufacturing, Schattle Consulting Group identifies the key insights needed to help national brands get to know their customers.

What We Do

Market Research Services

As adept practitioners of both traditional and cutting-edge methodologies, SCG offers strategic solutions to transform challenges into opportunities. Combining expertise in research with a keen eye for brand strategy, we deliver actionable solutions tailored to your branding and advertising objectives—not merely research for its own sake.

Our focus on brand and advertising market research encompasses a range of tactics, including qualitative, quantitative, secondary research, social listening, competitive analysis, and trend analysis. With an unwavering commitment to objectivity, we provide robust support for customer, brand, and marketing growth.

Specializing in advertising testing, communication, brand equity, brand tracking, product development, product launch, and media research across consumer (B2C) and business professional (B2B) segments, SCG excels in delivering insights that drive innovation in press and content marketing strategies.

Brand Strategy

As experts in brand growth, SCG leverages insights, data, and strategic frameworks to empower businesses to thrive. By integrating brand equity, research, and analytics, we drive tangible sales outcomes. Whether you're launching a new brand or fortifying an existing one, our approach emphasizes sharp, actionable, captivating, and measurable strategies. Unlike firms that rely on conjecture, our methodology is grounded in a comprehensive 360-degree research approach, strategic insight, and creativity.

Drawing on extensive expertise in traditional, digital, social media, and customer relationship marketing, as well as advertising, our team assists companies with product launches, go-to-market plans, brand refreshes, persona development, and advertising research. With a steadfast commitment to the bottom line, we collaborate closely to craft innovative solutions that are both relevant in the present and sustainable for the future.

Since we do not execute marketing strategies ourselves, our plans remain completely unbiased, driven solely by actionable data rather than by services an agency may wish to promote. This ensures that the solutions we develop are tailored precisely to your needs and objectives.

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We offer a comprehensive suite of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to delve into consumer behavior, comprising focus groups, in-depth interviews, and quantitative surveys. Each method is thoughtfully tailored to unveil crucial insights, ensuring a holistic understanding of consumer preferences and motivations.

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